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  Integrity demands complete honesty with clients. A client may have a good claim - one that is worth pursuing, or a good defense to a claim.

At other times, however, integrity requires the attorney to advise a client he or she is unlikely to achieve their desired outcome and that settling or abandoning a claim is the best course of action. We strive not to "rack up billable hours" - but to provide clients with a clear assessment and creative alternatives for resolving their legal concerns.
Results are what a client expects, pays for and deserves. Whether it is pursuing or defending a wrongful employment termination or wage and hour claim - or a contract, negligence or other tort claim - we are proud of what we have achieved for our clients.
Value is our third commitment to clients. Overhead expenditures are directed towards helping us serve our clients better and faster - not impressing them with spectacular skyline views or paying big bonuses to partners on top of the pyramid.

We also leverage technology effectively to further reduce overhead and streamline every aspect of our practice.

For clients with hourly fee arrangements, a policy of "near zero" accounts receivable enables us keep fees at rates that are more than competitive.